Real amateur latina masturbating

While surfing on xxx tubes for some new amateur-made goodies, I stumbled upon this video, showing a sexy babe apparently from South America, masturbating with a lot of passion. You might say: “ok, but there are tons of such videos” and you would be, of course, right. The thing about this chick is that I actually knew her…She is one of the cam models I was watching now and then, when I had time and mood. So, beside watching her in such captured videos, I give you also the chance to take part into the action, in her live sex shows. You can find her after her username that is “DANI3LAS3XY4U “, after you follow this link. From what I know she is open-minded and she does a pretty amazing job there. But coming back to the displayed video, the chicks pleases herself in two stages, with a break in-between. So be careful, not to miss the real hardcore action that starts around minute 39:00(some nice anal sex there).

How to shoot the perfect amateur porn scene


Everybody believes that one can shoot amateur porn nowadays – but is it really so? Among all the websites on which amateur porn is shown, how many times where you put off by the poor lighting, or by the poor resolution, or even by close-ups to the man’s face when he was cumming? Yes, there are steps to be taken even when shooting amateur porn.
And the first step is selecting the right gear – you don’t want something too professional, since this way you could step into a whole other territory. But at the same time the simple camera that is attached to your laptop won’t cut it. But the thing is that nowadays you can get whatever you want with just $200 dollars, from the camera to the rig.
Then you must be certain that the lighting is proper – it shouldn’t be too dark, just like it shouldn’t be too much light. Just make it as if you were having sex with your girlfriend (who will probably be the star of the movie) with the lights on and this should be more than enough.
Then, after all of these are set, get in the proper mood. For women, things such as shaving are a must (unless you prefer bush better than shaved). For men it is the same way. Also, what needs to be remembered is that, even if this is amateur porn, you shouldn’t appear on camera just like you are during your everyday life. Do whatever it takes to hide imperfections of the body (such as warts and pimples on the ass) and then move on.
The next thing concerns what will happen during the shoot – and what needs to happen is only what you and your partner have previously enjoyed during your sex sessions. Don’t get too cocky and try to experiment something new – for example, the first anal experience is actually quite painful and it could get messy if you and your partner aren’t used to anal sex. So stick to what you know you can actually do.
As said before, the focus should be on the woman and not on the man (of course, if this is straight sex). Straight men don’t log just to see a man’s grimace while having sex – they log too see the woman. However, from time to time, ample shots need to be taken with the both performers.
The cumshot shouldn’t focus on the man either – the woman is the one receiving the prize, so her happy and grateful face should be at the center of all the attention. Furthermore, if a cumshot scene will indeed be filmed, don’t shoot how the man jerks for 5 minutes in a row – there is a little thing called editing and you should also try it.
There you have it – these are the steps that you should take before uploading amateur porn on the internet (or even before burning a video on DVD for your own enjoyment).

Private encounters


No, they are not a real couple of wife and husband; but they have such chemistry between them, that you can be fooled by it. They can do everything real couples do, and even more.
It takes a little time until you get to know FetishCplBDSM a little better. Of course they don’t show anything at all while they are in the free chat room, mainly due to the rules imposed by the website they are broadcasting on, called Sex Webcams Live.  After you get in the private room, things will begin building up and catch speed until you will feel like watching a train that will not ever stop. He is so gifted with what he does that literally he cannot be stopped.
He may seem a little goofy with his almost receding hairline and nerdy smile, while the way he looks into the camera doesn’t help him also; if you ever met him on the street, you probably wouldn’t care less about him. Plus he has a shirt with Superman on it and he also looks really proud of it.
She may seem a little average, with blond hair and maybe a little too skinny. However, her voluptuous curves can be guessed through her tight clothes, being a promise for an unforgettable time.
As they seem, they are the average couple, who don’t really know how to enjoy life at its fullest. There is nothing more untrue than that. Once you enter in the private room you will see why you were wrong. There are so many accessories in that room, that they could fill an entire locker room. And if you are thinking that these toys are labeled “his” and “hers” you are mistaken.
Whether it is a huge dildo, or some soft anal bids, or the classic fuck-machine, they both use each and every one of these accessories with the same pleasure. They are unbiased and are opened to any type of relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual. They like baseball bats a lot. They like swinging and sharing the same man or woman. They like swapping body fluids, whether his or hers. But what they like the most is to dominate and to be dominated: harnesses, gags, collars, blindfolds, cuffs, and more are the things they like wearing and making the other wear.
As said, it takes a little more time before getting to know FetishCplBDSM; but once you have entered the private room, you will be hooked with the things they know and love to do. Once you see FetishCplBDSM in action, you will never want to see another couple again.

Genuine homemade porn video

This is something that seems to be a genuine homemade porn. It comes from Japan and it’s pretty good stuff, even though it was recorded most likely with a mobile phone! Enjoy!

One hell of a couple…and they are live on cam!


If you have been on, then chances are that you have ran across a cam named cuckolddream. If you have not been this fortunate in your life, then you are missing out. This is a couple that perform on the site on a regular basis and has developed quite a following over the last few months. The woman in the couple sports a g cup size and once you see those puppies, you will be coming back for more.

The man of the group has a penis that while there are no actual sizes mentioned for sure lives in the large as hell category. While many people would think that there are limitations that these two would do, the truth of the matter is that there is nothing that these two will not do. If you can imagine it, then chances are that they will be able to do it and leave you speechless that they actually did it. The only thing that these two will not do is anal.

The man has plenty experience in the use of his thick weapon and her with a 32G bra size gives viewers a show that is well worth the price of purchasing a private show from them. While their schedule makes a bit tough for you to catch them online, if you are lucky enough to catch them, then you will be hooked from the first minute that you see them. This couple gives men who either are in a cuckold situation or have a fantasy to be in such an outlet to express their dreams.

Some of their fetishes are BDSM, leather, feet and smoking. This again gives a wide range of fetishes the deserved exposure that those out there desire. A little time on their cam and you will be running for your wallet to empty it out for their pleasure and giving over your money just for the pleasure of being used and abused by them. Of all of the cams on, this is one of the better ones that you will find. Be sure that you take a little time to check them out and see for yourself that for your money, you will be hard pressed to find a cam that will give you so much for such a small amount of a donation. Now get over there and let them dominate you and put you in your place.

Real amateur sex footage or fake? How to spot the difference.

An unfortunate result of the growth of the porn industry online is that quality of the footage is not always guaranteed. There are many instances when what you see is certainly not what you get. This can result from any number of reasons including airbrushing, camera and light tricks to outright editing and lying in order to avoid having ot find quality models. Just like if you were going to a store to buy something, you would want it to be a quality product. The same goes for porn, if you are buying porn you deserve to have the very best of it.
Some people have speculated that this is because of a theoretical ‘raunch’ culture. That sexuality is literally everything. However, this is not the normal sexuality, this is a faked, performance sexuality that only exists in studios and the programming of the latest edition of Photoshop. This makes access to real, amateur sexual material to be very  difficult. What guarantee do you have that you amateur porn is really amateur and not something set up by professionals to make more money from another niche? Well there are certain things you can keep an eye out for to see if your amateur porn is the real deal, or is it as fake as her boobs?
Firstly, you can ask yourself about the lighting in the video. The quality of the lighting is quite often a giveaway about whether or not the video is professional or amateur. If the lighting is perfect, she seems to have shadows all in the right places and she is even visible all over, you can be pretty sure it is professionally done. A real amateur sex tape is going to be perfectly imperfect. The room will be too dark in some places and too brightly in others. It is going to carry all of the hallmarks of a homemade product. This is after all what amateur fans are looking for, homemade sex.
The next major clue in sniffing out a fake video is to look at the performers. Are they super perfect? Do you see any pimples, moles, skin defects? If not you can be pretty sure that they have been covered in make up and then airbrushed afterwards. If a video is of the real thing it is going to have the visible traits of real people, and real people are notoriously imperfect.
If you happen to see an amateur video that is just a bit too good to be true, perhaps you should consider that is is not amateur at all. Keep your eyes out.

Why people like to pretend being pornstars

During the last years we find on the internet more and more videos made by real amateurs, showing them in their intimacy. But the first question is what makes regular people start filming themselves during sexual intercourse? And what makes them share such videos with the others? To be frank, I don’t have a definite answer for any of these two questions. But I am tempted to say that they are feeling very well watching their own home-made productions, and maybe even proud of what they accomplished. The pride probably makes them post them on the internet after a while.

Nowadays, adult video hosting sites are stuffed with such materials and it’s no surprise they’ve become the most visited websites on the internet. Some people are actually getting nice profits from selling their own videos and photos.
But this should not be confused with what is called reality porn. The latter is professionally made but tries to use the same style as the ones made by amateurs. Sometimes they even pretend not to be professional. But this is not the genuine stuff, so we will not focus on it at all.

What this site will be all about

Hello, folks! I am really excited, since this is my first post ever. I barely can realize that these lines will be read by many visitors(hopefully). Although I am not a professional writer or editor, I will strive to put together nice and informative posts about the main theme of these blog. And since we’ve just touched the theme of the blog, I want to make a few remarks about it. As the name says, it will be all about content related to amateurs that like to get caught on photo or video camera while doing rather intimate things. Under no circumstances this will not be a pornographic site, although, at times, it’s content can be totally inappropriate for children and sexually-related. If you share with me the passion for watching such amateurs, then you are invited to visit us regularly, since I am going post updated with fresh, quality content on a daily basis. With this being said, I am concluding my first ever blog posts! See ya…